i don’t get why arguments against wearing tight/revealing clothing are that “it leaves nothing to the imagination”

bro who cares about the way you imagine my body, this is what it factually looks like so fuck off

like you’re literally saying that your interpretation of my body is more important than, like, my actual body

This post deserves WAY more notes than it already has.

Romantic Books/Movies Feed An Unrealistic Expectation That…

I have spoken on here about how fairy tales are unrealistic and make little girls (myself, unfortunately included) grow up to believe that a mythical “Prince Charming will meet, fall in love with, marry, and live “happily ever after” with them.  Sounds nice, but those are just ingredients for a bedtime story, not real life. I cannot understand why the heck girls expect their boyfriends (I’m single, so I don’t and when I do have a boyfriend I won’t) expect them to treat me like Noah treats Allie in The Notebook. Sure, I expect respect and all of that stuff but I don’t expect momentous romantic gestures 24/7. All I want is a guy who cares about me like (forgive me, I’m a big Divergent fan obviously) Tobias treats Tris. I want the guy’s attempts at getting to know (and showing that he likes me) to be subtle. I want him to act like he can’t stand me, but truthfully wants to ask me out.  Is this weird? Too much to ask? I hope not. Basically, if you’re chill, subtle with your affections, good-looking/muscular and funny and intelligent, I’m yours.

Another thing I’d like to point out is, romance novels are basically a grown woman’s fairy tales. Women dream of some perfectly flawless man to take them away from the mundane routine of everyday life. To escape my daily life, I read. I even, on occasion read a Nicholas Sparks book (He’s a romance novelist FYI) I understand that women fantasize about this sort of thing sometimes but when you do you revert back to being a girl waiting for “Prince Charming.” Nobody’s perfect so no guy should have to live up to your expectations. Personally, I think  my expectations aren’t too much to ask for. Be on the lookout  for Part II: Young Girls Need Positive Role Models In Pop Culture coming  to you whenever I finish my homework :)

Books, Unrequited Love, and Animals are My Best Friends

I have experienced a lot of things  in my lifetime. The most prominent ones involving hospitals, doctors’ appointments (Ew x100 for both) cartoons, toys, three trips to Disney World, and several other memories. Three things I’ve learned for certain throughout my life are that books, unrequited love, and four-legged creatures are my best friends. Books became my friends in first grade when I picked up my first Babysitter’s Club book. I read for pleasure ever since then (when schoolwork isn’t begging to be done.)  Over the years, I became intrigued (my family would say obsessed) with the works of J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Veronica Roth, and most recently,  Gayle Forman. FYI, these amazing women transported you into the lives of Harry Potter, Bella Swan, Tris Prior, and Mia Hall, respectively.

Unrequited love become my friend my first day of tenth grade, there are nasty rumors our friendship began way earlier but I ignore them. I walked (rolled, really) into chemistry class, chose a seat and waited for the lecture to start. To my delight at the time, a popular, attractive  upperclassman was taking the class as well. Ever since that day, I’ve harbored crushes on guys that may know of my existence  but don’t bother to see the person I really am. I’m too shy and awkward to approach them. I’m starting to doubt if guys will ever see me the way I see (some of them) A girl can only dream.  JUST because I’m disabled does not mean I don’t think, feel and want the same things as other female humans.

Four legged creatures have been friends  of mine ever since, well birth. I’ve had seven dogs throughout my life, plus I’ve seen my aunt’s dogs and parent’s friends’ dogs countless times. At the age of 14, I began therapeutic horseback riding and I LOVE it so much. Not only are the horses and people at the barn awesome but I love the feeling of independence I experience  on the horse. I have ridden 3 horses over an 8 year period. Around the time I began riding Bay, (the second horse I ever rode,) the owner of the barn purchased a handicapped saddle. It resembles the back of a wheelchair and has armrests that attach on either side. All the horses that I’ve ridden (Sierra, Bay, Nanu in chronological order) really helped me develop a sense of freedom I never knew I had. Animals, regardless of species have always been a part of my life.  I feel more accepted by them than I do humans.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends (I’m talking the human kind here) but my point is I  never feel judged or watched around my equine and canine friends as I do around masses of humans.